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February Recap

Goodness! February went fast! Then again, it is a shorter month. But still!

Reading Recap

I read sixteen books in February. Several of them were about the RMS Titanic, since I am writing a paper on the Titanic for school. All of the research I am doing may or may not lead to me writing a historical fiction on the Titanic. I also may or may not have a rough idea of characters…

I’m not sure which book was my favorite in February. Of the non-fiction books I read, Titanic Sinks! by Barry Denenberg was my favorite. It gives a really interesting look into the Titanic by preventing the information in the form of newspaper articles and the diary of a fictional passenger on the Titanic. It was a super interesting and enjoyable read.

Of the fiction books I read, I think that either The Scourge by Jennifer A. Nielsen or The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson was my favorite. I really enjoyed the character voices in The Scourge (Nielsen always does a fantastic job at that!), while I really liked the way that The Girl Who Could See does a great job of packing a plot into a novella.

Writing Recap

*guilty face*

Well, like last month, I didn’t get a ton of writing done. I wrote some blog posts and did a tiny bit of work on Story Teller. I also started what I want to be flash fiction (but will probably be a short story).

I am planning to start up an email newsletter soon, which would give a little bit of recap about what has been happening around here and maybe give some little snippets about what is going in my life that doesn’t make it onto here. Also, there would probably be a short story for everyone who signs up for it which will probably not be Shattered Slippers. That would mean a new short story for you to read!

That’s about all that happened in my February as far as writing and reading go. How was your February? What was your favorite read last month? Any new goals for March?

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