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January Recap

And just like that January is gone and February is here! 2020 is off to a fast start!

Reading Recap:

I read twenty books during January. However, several of them were pictures books, which only sort of count. I read eleven books that I hadn’t ever read before. Right now, I am only counting books that I haven’t ever read before for the Redeemed Reader 2020 Reading Challenge that I am doing, which means that I’ll have to read 100 new books this year. I hope to be able to do that, but I might have to end up putting in a few re-reads.

Of all of the books I read in January, either The Story Peddler or The Story Raider by Lindsay A. Franklin was my favorite. I can’t wait for The Story Hunter to come out later this year. I actually have several books that I really looking forward to reading this year once they release.

Writing Recap:

Well… I didn’t get to write very much in January. School is keeping me busy. I don’t have a creative writing class or study hall this semester, which means that writing has to be done completely in my free time.

I wrote a good number of posts for on here, of course, and also did some more outlining on Story Teller. I feel like I have almost reached the point with Story Teller where I need to just formulate a rough sketch for each chapter and then just start writing it.

I also have two ideas clamoring for attention. Both of them are fairy tale retellings, and I keep having to tell them that they have to wait until I write Story Teller. Then I’ll be able to focus on them and dig deeper into their plots.

I registered for the Northwestern Christian Writers Conference in July. I almost went to that one last year, but due to some hiccups in the calendar, I went to Realm Makers instead.

Looking ahead into February, I want to try and get more writing done on the weekends, since my weekdays are pretty full. I am also toying with the idea of maybe doing my own mini writing retreat somehow.

And that’s about it! How was your January? Did you get a lot of writing or reading done?

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