Two Ways to Help Your Blogging Consistency

Confession Time!
When I first started this website, I was horrible at consistent posting. Like, literally horrible. I was very sporadic, to say the least.

Looking back, I can see two closely-related reasons for why wasn’t very good at staying on top of my blogging. I hope that sharing these reasons and how to “fix” them help you in your blogging.

Reason #1: Not a Priority

While I knew that platform building and building a following is very important to writing, I saw writing books and short stories as more important. So when I sat down to write, I wrote those instead.

Now, I still think of my book writing as slightly more important than writing blog posts, after all, that is what I hope to get published. But, I’ve realized that if I really want to build my platform, keeping up with my blog needs to be a priority.

Currently, I spend about one to two days a week focusing on this little website and making sure that everything is in order. I’ve made it a priority.

Reason #2: Not Making Batch Content

When I first started out, I basically wrote a post and then published it. There were a few times when I worked ahead and wrote two or three posts. But I didn’t faithfully do batch content.

What do I mean by batch content? Simply, all I mean is writing up a bunch of blog posts at once, and then scheduling them for the future.

Let me tell you, doing batch content makes blogging a whole lot easier. Now that I do batch content, all I have to do is spend about two or three days typing up enough posts to last about a month. That means that I am free to focus on my “priority” writing all of those other days.

Do you see how these two reasons are tied together?

Blogging wasn’t a priority for me because I was having to type up a post every time I needed to post something. And I was having to type something up every time because I wasn’t making batch content because blogging wasn’t a priority.

By changing the way I looked at and approached by blogging, I’ve been able to build better blogging habits and consistency.

Now, these aren’t the only two ways to make your blogging great. I will be the first to tell you that I am not a great blogger yet. But having blogging be a priority and doing batch content definitely help.

Tell me friends, for those of you who blog, what are some of your tips and tricks for constancy?

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