I did not go through the wardrobe to Narnia.

I did not get recruited by a secret school for spies.

I did not carry the Ring to Mordor.

I did not have to save the world.

I did not discover that I am really an elf.

I did not have to reclaim my long-lost throne.

In fact, I have a very, very, very lame reason for why I haven’t posted on here in forever.

I fell prey to life.

After returning from Realm Makers, I got sucked up in the relaxed rhythm of summer and ignored this poor, little website.

And before I knew it, school was here. I am senior in high school this year, which means that I have just a little bit on my plate this year with having to think about colleges. I’m also duel crediting this year. So I’ve been pretty busy with school up until now, since I’ve finally settled into the routine of the school year.

So, there you have it. My very lame excuse for ignoring my corner of the internet. I’m sorry.

But now that I’ve gotten used to the school year and have found a rhythm, I should be able to be better about posting on here! My goal is to post two things a week, one post related to writing and one book review. If time permits, I’ll do more than that, but I want to start out with something manageable.

And now I have another confession to make.

You all are probably wondering about Story Teller, the new project I announced shortly before I went to Realm Makers. You’re probably wondering how much progress I’ve made on it in the past three months. Is it done? Almost done?

And here’s the confession: I haven’t even started Story Teller.

After I came back from Realm Makers, I worked on Story Teller a little bit more and then started to create a list of what would happen chapter by chapter. And I stalled.

I realized that I really didn’t know enough about the plot and the story yet, so I put Story Teller on hold. So it is basically at the same status as it was last time I updated you.

Instead, I wrote a couple short stories before I was nailed by school. Once I was hit by school, I didn’t write. At all.


But now I have time to write! So I am going to focus on that, instead of the time when I wasn’t writing.

So, you may now be wondering what I am going to be writing now if I am not writing Story Teller.

And to find out the answer to that question, you’ll have to pop back in a few days when I tell you all about my newest project and my plans for NaNoWriMo–after all, it’s nearly here!

Well friends, I’m so sorry for the long absence. I’ll do my best to stay stick around now. Until next time!

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