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Realm Makers Recap: Part 2

In case you missed the first part of my Realm Makers recap, you’ll find it here. Now, onto Friday!

Friday was a full day! The sessions started right after the morning’s announcements with the teen track’s continuing session by Bryan Davis about the hero’s journey method of plotting. If you’re unsure of what a hero’s journey story would look like, think of Lord of the Rings. It provides a good example of the hero’s journey, and Bryan Davis actually used it as his example a lot. If you don’t know anything about Lord of the Rings, think of a different adventure novel. Chances are, it is the hero’s journey method as well.

Right at the end of the session with Bryan Davis, I left for a one-on-one mentoring appointment with Catherine Jones Payne. Since she runs an editing service, I mostly asked her questions about editors and the various jobs that they do. I also had her sign my copy of Breakwater!

After my meeting with Catherine Jones Payne, I had a session by Morgan L. Busse about organic writing and the Christian worldview.

The main takeaway of the session was: don’t force anything into your novel; be true to your story and your characters.

After that, there was a break for lunch. Then I had a class by C. J. Redwine about writing fairy tale retellings! The session was great, and C. J. Redwine was so fun to learn from.

Then it was back to the continuing session with Bryan Davis. Once the session with Bryan Davis was finished, I had a two hour break until the awards banquet. It was nice to have a little bit of time to just take in everything that had happened so far in the day, since it was one class after another, which was great!

Mom and I walked around a shopping mall area right next to the hotel, which had the same style of architecture and then went and got ice cream!

After that, it was back to the hotel to get ready for the banquet! I dressed up as my main character from Story Teller! Also, now that life is back to normal, I should be releasing more information about Story Teller soon.

Then it was off to the banquet! And oh my!! There were so many costumes. Almost everyone was in costume!! There was just about every Marvel character there, plenty of steampunk costumes, people from various movies and TV shows, and plenty of people with weapons who might have been assassins. Seriously, there were a lot of weapons. But it looked cool!

My favorite costumes were the White Witch from Narnia, who happened to be Jill Williamson (a great author), and someone dressed as a Newsie (great Broadway play).

The meal was served before any of the awards were given. It was super tasty and fancy! I had to channel all of my fine dining skills.

After the meal was served, everyone went to get dessert. I, however, missed the first go around for cake and had to wait until after the awards were given out.

It was so fun to watch all the various authors win their awards! The Story Peddler by Lindsay A. Franklin, which I bought Thursday night, won three awards, including the Realm Makers’ book of the year award!

During the break in the awards ceremony, I got my slice of cake. It was huge. I know it doesn’t look like it in the picture, but trust me. HUGE.

It was pretty late when the banquet ended, so I headed off to bed for the night. It had been a packed day, full of plenty of learning! And tomorrow was going to be the last day already!

That’s all for Friday! Tomorrow, I’ll conclude with Saturday.

Tell me friends, if you had attended Realm Makers with me, who would you have dressed up as for the awards dinner?

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