St. Louis, Here I Come!

Tomorrow, I’m going to Realm Makers!!!!! *insert excited squeal*

What is Realm Makers, you might ask?

Realm Makers is a Christian speculative fiction writer’s conference. Speculative fiction is a giant umbrella term to encompass the genres that include something that isn’t in the real world. Genres like fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, steampunk, fairy tale retellings, and the like all fall under speculative fantasy. If you want to learn more about Realm Makers, click here!

This is the first writer’s conference I am going to, and I am super excited! I get to sit under amazing authors and learn all about writing from them. I get to have two separate 1-on-1 mentor appointments. I even get to attend an awards banquet in costume! Oh, and I get to spend all of my money in the bookstore. Seriously, I am super excited for the bookstore.

Realm Makers is a Thursday-Friday-Saturday conference, so I won’t be on here during that time. If you leave a comment, I’ll try to get back to you by next week.

When I return from Realm Makers, I’ll be sure to post a recap of my time and some thoughts about writer’s conference’s from a first-timer’s perspective.

Until next week! Realm Makers here I come!

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