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WIP (whip):

Short for work in progress. Typically used by writers and authors. Often the result of a plot bunny.

I am the type of writer who tries to keep their active WIPs down to a low number. So while this is a list of all of my books, I’m not actively working on all of them. Chances are, I’m only working on one or two of them at the moment.


YA Adventure

Word Count: Approximately 111,000

Status: Finished 1st draft


Nothing is what it seems…

In a world filled with technology, anything can be hidden. Reese, Scarlett, Oskar, Xavier, and Vitoria are all recruited by the mysterious Blue Hawk. Blue Hawk is a subdivision of the World Council and Government, and they have a job for the five teens. Their mission? Protect the Council by counter-acting against attacks. Or so they think.

Then things change. To the five, a mission seems to go wrong. They are now sure of nothing. Was Blue Hawk just a façade? After all, everyone has something that they aren’t telling.

The clock is ticking. Can they undo the mess that they have fallen into? Or will they fall prey to another façade? The world is now in their hands. Make one wrong step, and everything could go up in flames.

Fyrons Flames

Middle-school or YA Adventure

Word Count: Approximately 52,000

Status: Finished 1st draft


Videra was a normal slave. Until one day in the fields, she has a vision of a boy with flaming hands.

Ty has spent his life on the run. No one trusts him because of the purple mark on his wrist, and his ability to summon white flames out of his hands.

Events cause their paths to cross, and Ty ends up rescuing Videra. Both of them discover that the other had the same mark as the other, a purple star, the mark of the Gifted, people chosen by the Marker to have special powers in time of need. Azwyla has been subjected to the barbaric Fyrons for years. Have Ty and Videra been appointed to save their people? And could they even succeed?

Story Teller

YA Fairy Tale retelling

Word Count: Approximately 79,000

Status: Finished 1st Draft


Araza has been destroyed. Those who weren’t killed in battle have been deported as captives to the country of Esaret. Scheherezade is one of them.

When Scheherezade and other captives arrive in the captive city of Saras, they learn of the game played by Suraj Amjad, the Esaretan ruler. Unless there is an Arazi person who will go to the palace every morning and impress Amjad with their talent, Amjad’s soldiers will take an Arazi captive at random to die.

Scheherazade knows that she is the only one who has a chance of pleasing Amjad and keeping her people alive. She can go to the palace every morning and tell Amjad a story. After all, her stories aren’t like anyone else’s.

But going to the palace will put her at risk. She might not please Amjad, and die as a result. And telling her stories might cause someone to discover her secret.

Scheherezade is Vatani–someone who has magic. And her magic is in her stories. All the Vatani were supposed to die years ago. If Scheherezade is found out now, she’ll die because of her heritage.

But Scheherezade can’t just stand by and watch the people she loves die. She will go to the palace, come what may.

Currently Untitled (Rowan’s story)

YA Urban Fantasy / Fairy Tale Retelling

Word Count: Approximately 66,100

Status: Finished 1st Draft


Rowan grew up seeing monsters. But that was just her imagination. The wolfish wraiths were simply the spawn of her young mind trying to cope with a rough childhood. As she grew up and moved on, Rowan stopped seeing them. 

But when she returns to her hometown in Arizona one summer, she starts seeing them. And it’s different now. They are clearer, sharper. Real. And dangerous. 

What does any of this mean? And why do the monsters Rowan sees sound like the ones in her great-grandmother’s diary? When Rowan realizes that these wraiths are somehow real, she teams up with her cousin Chase, the one person who’s ever been able to deter the monsters, even if he can’t actually see them. And what is this “touch-point” that keeps popping up in the chronicles of her family’s history? And why does her great-grandma write the word magic more than a normal person would, almost as if she believed it existed?

Fairy tales are sometimes real. And their stories don’t just stop when the written fairy tale ends. Whether Rowan understands it or not, she’s in the middle of a battle with monsters of magic. And she will have to face the beasts.

Le Fay

YA Arthurian Reimagining

Status: Momentarily set aside

Luck Streak

YA light fantasy, Jack and the Beanstalk reimagining

Word Count: Approximately 80,500

Status: Finished 1st Draft


Luck Streak. It’s a name well known in Hymel. After all, not everyone has enough luck to rival a leprechaun, enough wit to best a pixie, and enough charm to talk his way out of arrest if he were to get caught. Not that that’s happened yet. 

Luck’s a runner for the Underground, a band of orphans and misfits run by Maia, who steal, gamble, and scrape by to survive. With his legendary luck, Luck’s become the top runner, pulling off heists that no one else would dare, and making and winning bets against odds that are far too long. 

However, Luck has reached the point where he’s going to leave the Underground and do things on his own. He’ll keep the Underground’s secrets safe, but he’s leaving. 

Until he isn’t. 

Maia has a job for Luck. A job so outrageous and impossible, Luck doubts if he could even do it. If Luck refuses, Mother is going to send in a younger runner who’s like a little sister to Luck. She would doubtlessly get caught. All Luck has to do is this one last job, and Maia will keep everyone safe. 

 Unable to condemn the other runners to the impossible heist, Luck takes it upon himself. However, he can’t do the job alone. He’ll need a team to infiltrate the ruler’s, the Giant’s, layer, and pull off the heist of the ages. 

But what if Luck’s luck has finally run out? 



Word Count Goal: 80,000

Status: Editing 1st Draft

Synopsis Coming Soon