WIP (whip):

Short for work in progress. Typically used by writers and authors. Often the result of a plot bunny.

As a writer myself, I have WIPs. I am the type of writer who tries to keep their WIPs down to a low number. Here is a list of my works in progress and their status and released information about them.


YA Adventure

Word Count: Approximately 111,000

Status: Finished 1st draft


Nothing is what it seems…

In a world filled with technology, anything can be hidden. Reese, Scarlett, Oskar, Xavier, and Vitoria are all recruited by the mysterious Blue Hawk. Blue Hawk is a subdivision of the World Council and Government, and they have a job for the five teens. Their mission? Protect the Council by counter-acting against attacks. Or so they think.

Then things change. To the five, a mission seems to go wrong. They are now sure of nothing. Was Blue Hawk just a façade? After all, everyone has something that they aren’t telling.

The clock is ticking. Can they undo the mess that they have fallen into? Or will they fall prey to another façade? The world is now in their hands. Make one wrong step, and everything could go up in flames.

Fyrons Flames

Middle-school or YA Adventure

Word Count: Approximately 52,000

Status: Editing 1st draft


Videra was a normal slave. Until one day in the fields, she has a vision of a boy with flaming hands.

Ty has spent his life on the run. No one trusts him because of the purple mark on his wrist, and his ability to summon white flames out of his hands.

Events cause their paths to cross, and Ty ends up rescuing Videra. Both of them discover that the other had the same mark as the other, a purple star, the mark of the Gifted, people chosen by the Marker to have special powers in time of need. Azwyla has been subjected to the barbaric Fyrons for years. Have Ty and Videra been appointed to save their people? And could they even succeed?

Story Teller

YA Fairy Tale retelling

Word Count Goal: 80,000

Status: Drafting

Synopsis: Coming Soon